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Alberta's One-to-One Wireless Learning Community of Practice



With the rapid growth of one-to-one mobile computing in recent years, several resources are available related to planning, implementation and evaluation phases of Emerge 1:1 wireless learning initiatives. See below under the following headings.

bulletWeb 2.0 Resources bullet General Planning Resources
bullet21st Century Learning bullet Wireless Learning Web Sites
bulletAlberta specific planning resources bullet Multimedia Learning Resources
bulletAlberta specific reporting templates bullet Accessibility Resources
bullet Summer Institute 2007 bullet Assessment Resources
bullet Summer Institute 2008 bullet Research
bullet Gearing up for Year 2: Moving Forward bullet Fall Professional Learning Day 2008
bullet Spring Professional Learning/Community of Practice Days 2009  


Year 2: Moving Forward

This section contains resources intended to help teacher practitioners, project leads, and administrators reflect on their projects, set goals and directions for Year 2, and decide upon next steps.

Get Moving Action Plan - a framework to help you assess your progress in the area of two important 21st century skills

Guide To Assessing Critical Thinking - rubric designed for teachers

Guide To Assessing Teamwork and Collaboration - rubric designed for teachers

Facilitation Guide for DVD - to accompany DVD of project presentations from April 2008 Community of Practice event



21st Century Learning


The Apple Learning Interchange

Galileo Educational Network | Classroom Initiatives


Jenkins White Paper Confronting the Challenge of Participatory Culture “A growing body of scholarship suggests potential benefits of the participatory culture, including opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, a changed attitude toward intellectual property, the diversification of cultural expression, the development of skills valued in the modern workplace, and a more empowered conception of citizenship.  Access to this participatory culture functions as a new form of the hidden curriculum, shaping which youth will succeed and which will be left behind as they enter school and the workplace.”

21st century learning What exactly is 21st Century learning? This brief article provides a definition.

21st century skills graphic Graphic representation of the enGauge 21st century learning skills

21st century skills - The Metiri Group has created the enGauge 21st Century Skills list based on two years of research. This list, organized into skill clusters, provides educators with both a common understanding and a common language for talking about the skills, attitudes and literacies students need to be successful in a knowledge age. 

Employability Skills - Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills 2000+ are the employability skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to participate and progress in today’s dynamic world of work.

Innovation Skills Profile - The Innovation Skills Profile isolates the unique contribution that an individual's skills, attitudes, and behaviours make to an organization's innovation performance. From the Conference Board of Canada.

Maximizing the Impact The pivotal role of technology in 21st century education

The Horizon Report 2007 Research report that identifies and describes emerging technologies that are likely to impact teaching, learning and creative expression

Launching Self-Directed Learners Rationale and strategies for metacognition and assessment for learning in creating self-directed learners

Critical Thinking A list of resources from the Metiri Webinar about Critical Thinking held on March 7, 2007

One Note and Learning Styles - pamphlet from Microsoft One Note


Alberta Planning Resources

Project Charter Template for Education -- Shortened Version - A project charter template adapted from that provided by Alberta Education.

Pieces of the Pie: Project Management Workbook - Use this workbook during the summer institute while creating the project management plan for your initiative. Used with permission from Mark Bevan.

Project Action Plan Sample Template - Use this spreadsheet during the summer institute to create the project management plan for your initiative.


Alberta Reporting Templates

Status Report Emerge 2008 - The reporting template for the October 2008 Status Report.

Communications Toolkit - This package is intended to help you inform your communities about your local projects.

FOIP Adult Permission Form - This is a copy of the Alberta Education FOIP permission form used for adult participants in this initiative.


General Planning Resources

1:1 Computing This is a guidebook to help you make the right decisions. This 44 page document addresses such topics as: technology decisions, program planning, leadership, instructional support, technology and curriculum integration, professional development, technology infrastructure and technology support. This document is a special section of Technology and Learning which has been underwritten by HP, Microsoft and Intel.

Apple 1 to 1 Learning - Apple Education provides a number of resources for teachers and principals involved in 1:1 mobile computing.

Apple Diverse Learner Guide - Teaching and learning resources written by Apple Distinguished Educators focused on meeting diverse learning needs.

Blueprint Solutions for K-12 One-to-One Computing Intiatives - This Web site and the information contained herein are resources for education leaders and others interested in implementing one-to-one anytime, anywhere computing in K-12 education.

enGauge - A resource that identifies six essential conditions--systemwide factors critical to effective uses of technology for student learning.

Lessons Learned About Providing Laptops for All Students - A planning document based on lessons learned from a number of laptop initiatives.

Metiri's Cyclical Process: Using Data to Drive 21st Century Learning - Power Point slide summary from the May 2007 Webinar.

One-to-One Computing in Education - The Penn State Center for Computing in Education provides a number of resources to support schools involved in 1:1 mobile computing.

Preparing Teachers for One-to-One - A summary of ten tips to help educators working in laptop environments thrive.


Wireless Learning Web Sites

Irving Independent School District - A Computer for Every Student: Teaching and Learning In A One-to-One Classroom

The Irving ISD is in the midst of implementing a plan in which every high school student receives a laptop. A brief overview of the implementation is followed by a look at the changes in instruction that occur in a 1-to-1 instructional environment. The site provides a number of examples of subject area integration, an examination of classroom management issues, a look at staff development and ideas for starter activities to use in a 1:1 classroom.

Learning From The Laptops Initiative - This site is dedicated to sharing the learning from an Irish initiative aimed at enhancing literacy and inclusion in second-level schools through the use of mobile ICT.

One-to-One Institute - is an unique leadership organization advancing one-to-one teaching and learning research, development, implementation and mentoring.

Podcasts and videos about one-to-one - this site features 4 videos and a number of podcasts. Membership is free.

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative - provides numerous resources for teachers involved in 1:1 computing initiatives.


Multimedia Learning Resources - offers a wealth of information, resources and opportunities to support innovative teaching and leading in k-12.

Digital Formats of Authorized ELA Novels - provides information on novels authorized to support the Grades 4 to 12 English Language Arts program of studies that are available in digital formats, including e-texts, considerate texts, and digital versions of synopses and study guides.

Edutopia - offers information and inspiration for innovative teaching in k-12 schools.

Galileo Educational Network - offers resources, information, rubrics, classroom examples and planning support to innovative teaching in k-12 schools. - provides learning resources for Alberta's k-12 community.


Preliminary Results Year 1 - PowerPoint Presentation given by the research team at the April 2008 Community of Practice Event.

Metiri Emerge Project Website - a collection of articles, updated surveys, and resources related to the Emerge project

Fall 2008 Professional Learning Day/Community of Practice Resources

Critical Thinking - Case am session

Critical Thinking - Case pm session 1

Critical Thinking - Case pm session 2

Critical Thinking - Balcaen pm session

Critical Thinking - Stephenson

Lois Easton

Cindy Harrison

enGauge 21st Century Skills

Cheryl Lemke - Student Engagement

Leslie Wilson Principals' Session (warning: large download)

Emerge Promotional Video produced by U of Lethbridge (75 mb) right-click and choose Save Link

Spring 2009 Professional Learning/Community of Practice Days: Resources

Task Design Rubric - CoP Day

Admin - CoP Day


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